Seals on the Web

Seals on the Web

My name is Christine DiBlasi, I've just graduated as a Chemistry major from Boston College.

So, now I'm at Columbia University, in a Ph.D. program for organic chemistry. More on that later.

First, take a look at some pictures that Emily Speelmon just sent me, taken on the day that she left for her year in Peru. For such a sad day of parting, we look quite happy.

I've also got up some pictures from our European summer, 1997.

Now look at my seal pictures.

But most important of all, here is the latest addition to the DiBlasi family - my cousin Rebecca DiBlasi. Stuff that I like includes:

Do you want to see all my favorite writers?
I hope you like it, I really do.
Most of these people's pages are a lot neater than mine, so go and meet them.
art and ART

Being in NY is lovely, but being busy with work when you'd rather be out and about sucks. Still, I've managed to see the tiniest bit of what the city has to offer.

Metropolitan Museum of Art



And then millions of summers ago, I got to visit museums in Paris and Madrid, including

And of course, I especially like the other kind of art, which stands for the noise made by...
i could trace the obsession, but you'd all fall asleep. But for now, here's an ARTicle about seals in Boston Harbor. I always knew they would come for me!
only one show got me excited about television...
Human Rights issues
Amnesty International and more to come

And the obligatory random links.