Welcome to "the making of" our T.G. Children's book!
"Why are we different?"

How can we explain this to our children? And how do we explain why we do what we do, and why we look like we do? So what will our children say? And thier friends?

Well, welcome! Family has always been an important subject to me, as I am sure it is for you. And I am trying to collect a lot of information to make a children's book for "transgenderd" parents. So, please take a look around to answer some of these questions and return some of your responses.
To keep this site fresh, I'll be adding new material regularly, in an effort to compile new information... so check back often!
About the Author....

Hi, My name is Jessica Lam. I am a M2F transsexual. I have two wonderful and adoring children, of whom I maintain an open and loving relationship with. I have come to discover that there are very few resources available for the transgendered parent. It has become my desire to create a book to better educate our children of the changing world around them... in coping with the "transformation" of their parent.

But I need your help and input.... If you could please take the time to answer a few questions, and feel free to expand on your answers. It would help me to understand the needs and concerns this book should discuss and cover.

Thanks for your responses!
the Questionaire....


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Are your children aware of your T.G. desire?

How do they respond to you?

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