Home of the VF-1 Wolfpack ATF Squadron

Commanding Officer VF-1 : Christopher Severs

Executive Officer VF-1: n/a

VF-1 Wolfpack Summary

VF-1 Wolfpack is a west coast based ATF squadron. Although we are based on the west coast anyone from around the world can join if they wish. We are currently undergoing new recruiting and command changes. Everyone, regardless of experience level or location is welcome.

The multiplayer training and missions will be played through kahn. If you don't have kahn already I strongly encourage you to get it. Click here to find out about kahn.

If you have any questions about joining the "pack" feel free to ask.

You can reach me here:  Chris Severs

When sending info to join, please include your name, callsign, experience level(rookie, veteran, ace), favorite aircraft(hopefully a navy bird), and your specialty.

So what are you waiting for? Join VF-1 Wolfpack now!!!

VF-1 Scheduling Information now availible!!! 

Schedule page(members only please)

ATF links

The Unnoficial ATF Mission Exchange

ATF Registry

Janes Combat Sims Chat Zone

Fangs ATF Resource Page

ATF Psycho Central

Fightertown AFB/NAS (our home base)

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