Welcome to our homepage. In this homepage you will find information about expansive soils and foundations constructed on expansive soils. There will be some rather high tech information and some helpful information for property owners and contractors.

Where are we?

We are located in Jackson in central Mississippi. Much of central Mississippi is influenced by the Yazoo clay. This Eocene period expansive clay can cause massive damage to all kinds of structures and roadways. We have seen 14 inches of heave (caused by expansive clays) to a building in a period of only 8 years. Houses 10 to 12 inches out of level are not uncommon in central Mississippi.

Who are we?

We are a structural engineering firm that performs structural and foundation design in Mississippi. We also perform analysis of distressed commercial structures. Our specialty is the design work required to repair foundations damaged by expansive soils. We occasionally study distressed residential structures (not a primary service). For our foundation design work we require an independent geotechnical report. We also provide construction review services with design work.

General Topics

1. High risk construction on expansive soils and foundation design and repair stratigies. Look for this coming soon.

2. Gilgai landforms that only occur in expansive soils. These very bizzare landforms are found world wide. Click to find different soil series around the world that are associated with gilgai over the internet and find photos and information about gilgai in Mississippi. Gilgai are an important aspect of expansive soils research because the process results in very extreme differential movements. Coming soon - more information about the origins of gilgai.

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