Yes, that is a real tiger!  Here's me in Phuket, Thailand at the "Fantasea" show.  This was probably my favorite part of the whole night though.  I like this photo except my face is a little warped because I was severely sunburned (my whole nose and forehead swelled up. It was horrible).
This is a picture of Oo and I.  We teach 6th grade together here in Bangkok, Thailand.
I haven't updated this page in a long time.  I've basically changed a lot of the links (ahhh how our interests change in our old age).  I won't be writing as much about myself as before since I save a lot of that for my webjournal.  No, I'm not linking to that.
After finishing my Master's degree in Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I worked as an academic advisor, I moved to Bangkok, Thailand.  Now I work as the director to a bilingual program - Thewphaingarm School English Program or TSEP.  It's a private school where Thai children have all their classes in English (except for Thai language and culture, of course).  Teaching children is a lot of fun, and boring ol' me has always loved administrative work.
Here are some of my favorite photos of my time in Southeast Asia.
Links of interest to me: 
  Vive la France! 
I have a Bachelor's in French (and Political Science), but that was almost eight years ago.  So now I'm taking classes at the Alliance Francaise at the French embassy to brush up. 
   I've spent a good chunk of my life on a MUD called Igor, where I'm known as Sabina.
Check out my friend's weblog: Cheek.  He's a fantastic writer and he addresses all sorts of issues -- (though mostly politics and music)
 What I like to call, "The Thinking (Wo)man's Newsweek:", The Economist magazine.  Way too expensive, but fantastic coverage of the world we live in.
  An Irish & American group playing Celtic music, Solas, is my favorite band. And I adore and admire Seamus Egan                                         
  And of course, ebay, gotta love it...
  Questions? Compliments? Complaints?
Here I am!