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Lindale H.S. Key Club Home Page

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Welcome to Lindale H.S. Key Club's Homepage! Where graphics are not king but substance is. We do have a page that helps explain What Key Club Is. If you are interested in International Key Club afairs we have a page just for you. Likewise if you want to know about The Mighty Texas-Oklahoma District there is also a page for you. If you are just way into Key Club you can check out what is happening in Div. 34 and even Lindale Key Clubs happenings. There is also a Do's and Don'ts page and finally a possible projects page. Along those lines Don't forget to check out our Links Page So if your interested in Key Club you have come to the right place. If some of the pages are not up yet, I will try to get them up shortly. Thanks for stopping by, be sure to sign my guestbook.
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