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This page is mainly here so our family and friends in Holland and elsewhere in the world can stay updated on the kids, but there's some other stuff as well.
So sit back, relax and start clicking away. NB This website is currently under construction so some links might not work yet...

Meet the kids: Adriaan (10), Doortje (8.5), Juliette (3.5) and me (38 and counting...).
We have 2 cats called Boris and Bea.
We're Dutch, but we haven't lived in Holland for more than 11 years.
We lived in Miri from November 1993 till December 1997.
Our move from Malaysia to Australia was pretty hectic.
From January 1998 till April 2003 we lived in Perth. We love it there!
We bought a house in August 1999 and have become Permanent Residents of Australia. No worries mate...
And in January 2002 I started studying at Murdoch University. So if you need a Psychologist/Criminologist in a couple of years let me know... :)
Jan got transferred to Damascus, Syria and left on his own just at the start of the Iraqi war. The kids and I joined him at the end of April (after the worst of the bombing was over), so the 2 oldest kids could finish their school term. We have just reached the point in this posting that our stuff is unpacked and that we're in some kind of normalcy again. Our first impression of Damascus is quite positive, although of course we're spoiled after having lived in paradise for the last 5 years.
I'm currently the Editor of Shell Damascus' expat magazine "Ahlein". A very nice, but sometimes hectic job via Spouse Employment. What can I say... as if the kids and my part-time study (can't do much over here University-wise) don't keep me busy enough. But it's nice to make a little money myself.
Traveling around the world is nice, but my favorite city in the world is Perth, with Rotterdam being a close second.
My major hobby is Patchwork & Quilting (or any other sewing).
And about 6 years ago I got started on "Stained Glass/Lead Lighting".
Now, if only I had any spare time to make something or could find space in the house to actually set my stuff up...

I like all sorts of music, at the moment I'm playing Silverchair, Coldplay, and one of my all time favorites is "naar huis" from Acda & de Munnik, Paul de Leeuw and Robbie Williams
AND.... I just love Penguins!!!
The Penguin Parade in Australia is definitely something you shouldn't miss if you ever find yourself near Phillip Island of the coast of Melbourne.

Latest news:
UPDATE coming soon!! I promise... I'm working on pictures from my blitz-visit to Holland

our holiday in Queensland July 2002 under construction

lots & lots & lots of PHOTOS

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