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Pic of me at the boat on the trip across Geneva Lake

Name: Genie

Birth date: Aug 31, 1970

Sex: Male

Height: 183 cm (it makes 6", IIRC)

Weight: 83 kg

Dick: 19 cm, uncut

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Grey

Current location: Moscow, Russia

That is me at the boat in Switzerland on the trip across the Lac Leman (Geneva Lake) to the French coast



My interests - Computers and Chemistry

I am working in Computer Chemistry and also like computers and programming in general. Sorry, no details on this -- mail me if you are interested.

My interests - Reading

Mostly it is fantasy and sci-fi. I liked almost every book I read. I am not sure if I was non-discriminating, just lucky or it was caused by non-random selection of sample (most of them were given/recommended to me by friends, after all). Thus, I'll take a bit longer to produce the list of authors I like most.

My interests - Bodybuilding and Fitness in general

I like working out. I also believe that man must have a body he would not be ashamed of. Alas, I am not entirely at that point yet -- mostly due to the lack of time. I am working on this, though.

My interests - Sex

I am not a boy anymore. Moreover, I am now positively sure that I'm not gay [BTW maybe GeoCities has to create an EastHolliwood homestead oriented to straight sex?]. I do not feel a religious aversion to guys, though. (I guess it makes me a bi?)

I do like nudity. I could never understand why the leaders of naturist movement always stress that nudity does not equal sex. Of course it does not, but for me the sexual aspect is very strong. [Locker room probably has some substantial role in my love of bodybuilding]. I like viewing porn (mostly action shots and male shots -- sort of self-identification I guess). I even think of getting a (part-time) job as a porn actor.

I have no reservations about sex. That does not mean I'd do anything, but if I don't, that will be because I do not like a partner/way, not because it is shameful or 'Good boys do not do such things'. I believe that the essence of my self, the qualities that make me worthy of being are not affected by anything I do (as long as it does not hurt anybody), let alone by anything done to me or thought of me.

I don't think there must be a boss/active partner. Actually, I believe that it does not matter if you are together because of love, liking, payment or rape [not that I had a personal experience on the first and the last items] -- once you are, you should 'dissolve' in one another and only care about making each other happy. By the same token, I am not interested in partners I cannot view as equals.

I do not accept vulgarity, though. No, foul language is perfectly OK as long as everybody present do not mind. I mean 'kinky' stuff like slit briefs, fat mistresses with a whip, watersports and coctails with a dash of fresh-drawn sperm. Either we want each other (and then let's undress and get busy) or we do not (and then someone should get the fuck lost).

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