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This small website will show you what I am asking people help with.
Please view these pages with an open mind and also respect others who are different to you.
I am basically looking for guys do walk on me / trample me
crush my hands under their feet or wheels of a vehicle
or even use my face as a foot rest
also to crush items that I own either underfoot or under the wheels of a vehicle.
Please check out the pictures menu which illustrate what I'm asking.
The images used are just a small sample.
Thanks for looking!
I have a bad habit of putting my mobile phone in the road to see if anyone drives over it,
so if your out and about in the South Wales area and you see some stuff in the road,
it could have been put there by me, and it's your call if you want to drive over it or not
who knows, it could be YOU who crushes my mobile phone.

If you would like to know which area & road and what days/times,
contact me and I'll tell you.
If your interested in helping out, then please contact me:
MSN | Yahoo Messenger | Email