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By Lisa Baldridge

I'm a devoted Dale Watson fan with very little spare time on my hands. I live in Austin Texas "The Live Music Capital of the World". This is my first web page so please be kind!!!! I'm also a huge Dwight Yoakam fan and a faithful country music listener. I have just been accepted into nursing school. School will begin this August and will take up most of my time. With help from my friend Mark who helped me put this page together, I will keep you updated with Cd info. and tour dates.

Dale is a fantastic country music artist. I enjoy his music a great deal and want to use this Web page to promote his fantastic ability to captivate an audience. I have spoken with Dale and have asked him questions I thought his fans would like answers to. Dale is a real sweetheart who always takes time for his fans. If I have overlooked any question please E-Mail me and I will try to get an answer for you. Click the links below to find out more.


Please tell me what you think of my page so far!!
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