396th Combat Support Hospital

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A notice from the Kwietman: The 396th CSH Web site, as written by the Kwietman, is no longer here. I am currently attending PA training in San Antonio, TX, and have left the unit. They are still there, and can be reached at the following address if you have any questions regarding their mission or personnel needs: 396th CSH, USAR 991 McClellan Rd Ft Vancouver, WA 98661 1-800-655-3961 Coming someday to this site: Kwietman's Whispers Self-serving and wholly nonmilitary, unless I get the itch to write about PA school. Haven't quite worked out what I want to say, but you can bet I'll be saying it with a lot of words, as I tend to do. Thanks to all my friends, and check in with me if you can.

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