Can You Hear Her?

Hidden, forever locked away, your blaring weakness.  You didn't know when you banished her, that she is your greatest strength.

And so you lived in lukewarm misery afraid to feel, afraid to love... pretty, pretty girl~ terrified of you.

Release yourself from tyranny, trust the one who made you.  Wrecklessly, wildly, unleash yourself; that passionate one.

Let freedom ring fearless one ... happy, happy girl~ your laughter sings throughout this captive earth.

Surrender to Love

Recover, Oh heart
don't stay up late into the night
rest, care free
believe in fresh tomorrows.

So many years, days and nights
you've wasted
waiting, putting your toes in
afraid to get wet.

How long will you wait?
How much will you waste?
Will you cry forever
watching life escape?

Surrender to love
jump in head first
you'll find yourself in joy soaked delight
finally facing possibility.
Me and Denise at her wedding.
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