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After 15 years with this geocities site, 13 in it's current format, , a big corporation has decided to close it. Not sell it, mind you, but close it. I gotta say, this really SUX! For myself and thousands of others this was our space on the internet. This was a place to share pictures, information and anythig else we thought people surfing the WWW might be interested in. It started as a community and remained so despite big daddy corporation buying it from the creators. Yahoo may have been an alternative to Microsoft, but for how long? Until their demise or sale to the evil empire? When this page started the internet was free. Places like Geocites and Hotmail allowed everyone to have a presence online. Their visionary creators can't be faulted for selling to these corporations. After all, how many people can say no to $10 million dollars or more? But the time will come when the internet ceases to be free, because big corporations know only profit and people are only a means to that end. Those at the top live in luxury while most of us struggle and fewer and fewer options for such basic things as communications and entertainment and self education are available. I'm glad I knew what the internet was like before big corporations discovered it. It was a wonderful place and it was easy to find good people that were willing to help others. This entire site was coded in notepad because, back then, there were lots of places to learn HTML. No more. Now you have to buy an html editor, Pfffttt!

You are all welcome to visit my new website for as long as I can afford to keep it up at:

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